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Barr Commodity is a distinguished UAE based global sales conglomerate specializing in the trading of a wide range of commodity products including . We possess the capability to provide groundbreaking customer solutions worldwide, earning us a solid reputation in the global markets of commodities, energy, building materials, and fertilizers. At Barr Commodity, we are committed to conducting our business responsibly, with a strong focus on excellence, integrity, and philanthropy. These core values drive everything we do, ensuring our customers receive exceptional service while making a positive impact on society.

Our Products

Commodity Products

Unlock the potential of the global market with our diverse range of commodity products. From the sweetness of sugar to the richness of oil seeds, the abundance of grains to the versatility of soybeans, we offer expert guidance and insights to help you navigate the complexities of commodity trading. Maximize profits and stay ahead of the competition with our comprehensive understanding of markets.

Energy Products

Power your business forward with our top-notch best quality energy products. Whether you're in need of efficient coal, reliable jet fuel, or high-quality diesel, we've got you covered. Our energy experts are dedicated to helping you make informed decisions in this dynamic sector. At Barr Commodity, we prioritize quality, reliability, and timely delivery. Our extensive network of suppliers and logistics partners allows us to offer competitive pricing

Building material

Build a solid foundation for your projects with our premium materials. We specialize in supplying essential construction elements such as clinker and sand. Our in-depth knowledge of the building materials market ensures that you receive top-quality products for your projects. Count on our expertise to streamline your procurement process and deliver exceptional value in the competitive construction sector.


Nurture growth and maximize agricultural yields with our high-quality fertilizer products. Whether you require UREA 46 in prilled or granular form, Muriate of Potash, or Di-Ammonium Phosphate, we offer a comprehensive range of fertilizers to meet your specific needs. Our experienced team will guide you through the intricacies of fertilizer trading, enabling you to optimize your crop productivity and achieve sustainable agricultural success.

Our Story

Barr Commodity is a leading global commodity trading business having presence in Dubai, London, Brazil and Africa. With expertise and inherited experience, we specialize in the supply of agricultural commodities for human consumption as well as Energy, Fuel and Fertilizer Products.

As our organization is deeply rooted in ethical business standards, we undertake all global trading practices by being conscious of what we can deliver in the most efficient and righteous way.

Barr Commodity has extensive knowledge of the Commodity sector with its worldwide network stretching from Europe to Middle East and Africa to South America.

Our focus on managing the entire supply chain for commodity businesses ensures that we in a cost effective and reliable manner.

We possess the capability to provide ground breaking customer solutions worldwide, earning us a solid reputation in the global markets of commodities, energy, building materials and fertilisers.